New Website is up!

The last weeks and days we were working hard on a new website that does justice to the amazing LanCon Community.

Community gets old… who would have thought 15 years ago we need 10 people to build a PC:)

The main goal was to increase the activity among our community since the old OGC forum was just not contemporary anymore, with zero usage over the past years.

Another requirement was to have everything in one place. From the forum, to group building to LAN Registration and many many more cool features coming in future.

You can now register for the LAN by visiting the events page. You create (private) groups for some special interests like Magic the Gathering Cards players. Or even a group for our amazing Ticino Sub-Community where they can exchange in Italian.

Subscribe the forum threads or groups you like and never lose track of the conversation. Every update just pops up on your activity feed.

That’s it for now. We hope you like the new design and let’s revive this community!!!!


ceRn, for the LAN Admin Team

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