Teaser Movie!!

After three days of open registration, only a few places are left for the next LanCon.
For those who are still undecided, here is the LanCon 2020 Teaser Movie to get into the right mood.

We can’t wait and are looking forward to the next Lanparty!

Play and enjoy!

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      1. he probably wanted to post a GIF but apparently in the Blog Comments this does not work. Just googled it, its a bug and will be fixed soon.

        but you can always comment the blog post via the activity feed where GIF etc. work fine

  1. Geile Scheiss!!!
    Ich glöibu bim letschu Bild het mich eis g’Flashbangt miis Gsicht isch hell erlüchtut und mu gseht sogar miine Schattu hinnina anner Wand. Appa churz vorema Tod gsii 😉